Karen Snouffer - StatementContradiction and movement are two themes that repeatedly enter my work. My past experience with improvisational dance brings an acute sense of the body in space that has clearly affected my two- and three-dimensional work. Polarities create visual and psychic tensions, challenging the viewer to become fully engaged.

I often access multi-media, as it provides a fluid structure for exploration of disparate themes. Still versus energetic. Present versus past. Urban versus rural. Fragility versus strength. Bizarre versus logical. Wall versus room. Real versus surreal. These opposites co-exist and agitate within physical and psychic space. Space, real or represented, is at the forefront of my processes. Although my players act out a fantasy, they are not so far removed from the absurdities of everyday life. They may convey grace, playfulness, fear, sadness, and even beauty.

I embrace attacking large walls with lines and marks; likewise, I may manipulate a range of media to invest a kinetic quality into inert materials, conflating unexpected substances and forms. I want the viewer to sense equally the confrontation, attraction and repulsion between forms. Their roles, whether played out in installation, on a board, wall, canvas or paper create a suspension that results in a new choreography.